We provide a wide range of Services

We believe in total transparency, so we’re happy to breakdown the parts of what we do. If you think you need something we don’t mention just ask.

How can we help you?

This is a breakdown of our standard package of services.


We design good-looking, professional websites, using words and graphics from you but we can also help there if needed.


We build all of our own sites, with customer access and input as they progress. We generally use a CMS to make changes and updates easy.


We supply a full hosting service with a free SSL. Currently £60 per year, the first year is included in our site build cost. Domains are supplied at cost.

Email Addresses

We include up to six dedicated email addresses with each site we host and more can be supplied if required.

Email Distribution

We can help you to set up and integrate a Mailchimp™ email distribution system with your website.

Help & Support

We are always willing to offer help and advice and we have options for ongoing site management.

Works like MAGIC!

Almost any business or service today is expected to be online but the costs can be prohibitive. Some options involve a medium price for the site but then you have to pay it each year. Often updates to sites rack up large bills for even the smallest text changes and so things slip of date.

We don’t think any of that is fair or right.

Our service is created to be fair and sensibly priced. Each of our sites include everything needed to establish yourself online and you own the site fully from the start. They’re mobile friendly and built with a CMS (content management system). If you can edit a letter with a word processor you can manage your website, if you can’t we will help.

If that means anything to you you will immediately appreciate the value we offer. If not, we would still invite you to have a chat with us and we would point out that any technology that is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from Magic.


Would you like to discuss a project?

An initial chat is always free.