Welcome to The Magic Studio

We build quality sites that our customers pay for once, then own and can manage for themselves. You don’t have to keep paying for ever – so you don’t end up paying thousands for the most basic presence on the internet.

Who Are We

The Magic Studio is primarily one man – a very experienced designer and a freemason. There is clearly a need for well produced masonic websites and so, after being asked to do several, I’ve made a business of it.

The Mission

To produce well-made working sites that look good and are fit for function, are easy to update and are priced sensibly.

For all customers.

The Service

Work samples

These are just some of our projects…


A website for masonic craft lodge in Northamptonshire


A website for masonic craft lodge in Sussex


A website for masonic Mark lodge in Northamptonshire


A Royal & Select Masters District website


A KT Provincial Priory website


A Rose Croix District website


A parish website in Leamington Spa


A local business website in Bristol


A local business website in Sussex

Redrawing of Emblems or Logos

We have a fully equipped professional graphics studio.

The original design drawing, the version that was in use and our redrawn version of a Lodge emblem.

Would you like to discuss a project?

An initial chat is always free.