Websites for masonic lodges is a speciality

Any technology that is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic...

Arthur C. Clarke

How can we help you?

The Magic Studio is a boutique service providing high-quality websites at affordable prices. We build great value sites for all sorts of small businesses and groups, as well as our specialism in masonic websites.

The idea

We are masons who produce professional sites for a living - our standard offering is a turnkey solution tailored to a Lodge's needs.

We don’t only do lodge sites. It would be dishonest to charge non-masons more for a similar site and so we don’t. Square dealing is a masonic principle.

Fully editable sites

All our sites are built in WordPress™ and are fully editable by customers, with a content management system for ease of use. They are also mobile friendly.

All you need to supply is the words and any graphics you wish to use.

We’ll do the rest.

Fully costed

We offer a standard 5-page website for £300. We will even redraw a lodge emblem or a logo as required. This includes the supply of all the usual site compliance material – notices, terms and privacy policy etc.

We have a full graphics facility and also offer hosting and management services.

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We're always happy to chat and initial discussions are totally free.

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Turnkey solutions

Our bread and butter is the design, production and one year hosting of a 5-page website for £300.

Perfect for Lodges and small businesses.

Lodge sites

Business sites

Logo & emblem redraws

What clients say

I’m not really sure how but our Mark Lodge website was produced in just two days from a rough outline.

It does everything we wanted and has also quickly become indispensable in the smooth running of the Lodge



Magic built me a fully functional e-commerce site, on a limited budget, that not only looks good but works brilliantly.

They gave me so much help with getting myself established that I don’t know what I would have done without them


Easy to work with and very capable.

When our H&S department vetoed some of our own images at the very last minute, for being out of date, Magic simply did some astonishing editing of the pictures to save the day.


Get your Lodge or business online today

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